The industry changes for MSP’s is happening rapidly before our eyes. As you know, Tier3MD is an MSP which stands for Managed Service Provider. When I started this company in 2005, there were no such things as MSP’s. We were IT companies that were run by one or two people and we had a clientele of around 10-15 customers we serviced regularly. Then along came managed services. From my memory, I think Kaseya may have been one that we considered buying to run our business. This is where were making the change from IT support onsite to remote managed services. At that time we chose to go with Zenith Infotech, which was later sold to Continuum. Fast forward to today and Continuum was just sold to Connectwise.

Industry Changes for MSP’s

What do all the industry changes for MSP’s mean to both you, the customer, and Tier3MD, the service provider? I guess that is the million dollar question. In my opinion, the competition between the vendors can only be good for both you and us. The only thing that I will be watching for is to make sure we can continue to use all of the tools we currently use, without being forced to change vendors, or purchase things we don’t need. For example, I am a huge supporter for a vendor that was purchased by someone we don’t currently use. Will they force me to switch from who I am currently using so I can continue to use that product?


Let’s keep in mind that the products we use now have involved extensive set up and training. For us to switch vendors would be extremely problematic. I can’t imagine changing our ticketing system or our remote management system. That would be quite an undertaking and would have to be done on the fly. Besides, I like what we are using now.

I guess in the long run this will be better. I just have to wait it out and see how it goes.