Of course, I enjoy the heck out of Summer, but October is my favorite month. Being from Buffalo, NY, I am an avid Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres fan and those teams are in full swing. I am the Chairman of Georgia Breast Cancer and it’s breast cancer awareness month. The leaves will be changing and the temperatures are nice an mild. Ahhhh…October!

With that said, as a medical practice, October should be a busy time for your office. It’s time to schedule your HIPAA security assessment, refresh old PC’s and bolster up your cybersecurity. It’s time to check your budget and see what you can improve before the end of the year. In my last blog, I explained the value of keeping up with your IT and while your infrastructure is viewed as an expense, it really helps your bottom line.

October Is My Favorite Month!

October is also a good time to evaluate what you can do to improve your practice. The single best marketing tool you have is your website. Is it up to date? Time for a refresh? Things like new firewalls, new PC’s, website refreshes are often overlooked. When someone wants to build up their practice, they look for what can drive revenue. What is overlooked is the value of your PC’s not going down and the value of having good, reliable, fast computers for your staff to work with. It’s never fun when the employee has great technology at home and comes into the office to work on old antiquated computer equipment!

Most importantly, it is time to schedule your security assessment. This is done once a year and is very valuable, as well as required! If you would like an evaluation of your IT infrastructure, or a security risk assessment, call us! We can help