Why Healthcare Only IT Support?

I can think of many, but below are 5 reasons you need healthcare only IT support. When I go to a perspective customers practice, they are pleased to hear that we only support medical practices, and focus solely on healthcare.

1. A true understanding of HIPPA and what it takes to be compliant.

2. Knowing the flow of a medical practice so we can provide top notch IT support

3. Understanding that Doctors and medical practitioners do not work a 9-5 job.

4. An understanding of the modalities that are used for various specialties

5. The ability to become your IT partner, and not just someone who can fix your PC’s and servers

All of these reasons are crucial to healthcare only IT support. The Tier3MD staff is constantly keeping up with the industry so we can better serve your practice. Fixing hardware devices, installing printers, and helping with Excel documents are all a part of good IT support, but Tier3MD goes above and beyond. We understand your billing software, your electronic medical records, your X-ray software, your imaging software and more. Healthcare IT is much more than supporting a basic network. We understand you, we understand your practice, and we are committed to the medical industry.

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