Tier3MD is now offering hardware as part of its top notch support package. “We needed a win-win for both clients, and our staff” . “What better way to help practices with quality IT support than to replace their old PC’s with new ones?”

Tier3MD has worked out a program for new and existing clients to cut their IT costs by adding “hardware as a service” to their already robust IT services. It’s actually very simple. We come in and replace as many PC’s as you want. We come up with a fair monthly price for support for 36 months, and we’re done! The cost is very minimal, and the benefits are extremely valuable. This also helps a practice determine their IT costs with no hidden fees. A PC breaks down? No problem. WE replace if for you!

How does this help?

This will help our clients in a few ways, but what comes to mind first, is the ability to have your employees work on new, business class PC’s. Nothing hurts a practice more than downtime, and we find that having new equipment results in better functionality for your employees, and less support from an engineer standpoint. It’s a great trade-off.

If you would like more information, please contact us at: sales@tier3md.com.