Why Break Fix IT Support is No Longer Good Enough


Back in 2005 when I started this company, all we did was break fix IT support. For those that are not sure what that is, it is simple. Your computer breaks, you call us, we come fix it. When it’s fixed, we send you an invoice with an hourly amount. That used to be the norm when fixing computers and servicing medical practice networks. Not anymore. Break fix IT support is not only hard to find, it is a terrible solution. Here’s why.


  1. ┬áMost MSP’s (Managed Service Providers) have monthly contracts with their customers. To do break fix IT support, they would have to stop servicing our contractual clients and that is not something we want to do. We always want to be available for our monthly clients.
  2.  Break fix IT support does not allow us to be proactive. We perform daily maintenance and monitoring on your network and paying for hourly support does not let us do that.
  3. With cybersecurity front and center, we need to be able to protect you the way we want to, and the way you need us to protect you. Most opt not to do that when paying for hourly support.
  4. With break fix IT support, you are calling us AFTER the disaster has happened. Why not try to prevent it?
  5. We can send out more than one tech when necessary. We would have no time constraints so we can get the job done correctly the first time.
  6. We monitor your network 24/7 365. Hourly support does not have this capability
  7. We push out patches on a regular basis. This is needed for security and HIPAA
  8. Unlimited IT support. Were you ever nervous watching the clock while the IT guy was there charging you by the hour?
  9. Help desk support – you can just pick up the phone and call us at no additional charge.
  10. Peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about your network.

Think About This

If you spend $500 per month on hourly break fix IT support, why not turn that into a managed service contract? What happens if you have a crash that takes 16-20 hours to correct. Now you’re out thousands of dollars. Most importantly is the need for the proactive IT support. Especially with the HIPAA rules and regulations. You want to make sure your network is monitored and maintained on a regular basis.

Break fix IT support is quickly going away. If you are still using this type of service, you may want to consider a change. Contact us at 855-698-4373. We can help!