So, these are interesting times, to say the least. This working from home has presented some challenges and it’s been an exercise in patience, tenacity and perseverance. I’ve come up with my own tips for staying sane while working from home. It’s important for me to establish a routine so I don’t start worrying about all the items I have yet to accomplish by the end of the day. I try to set goals for slightly more than I know I can accomplish in a normal work day. This trick ordinarily drive me to strive a little harder and to be more productive. I also consider regular fresh air breaks and periodic refrigerator raids integral for staying sane while working from home.

Closed doors are our friend during these times. If possible, let your partner or your kids know that just because you are home doesn’t mean you can while away the hours watching The Bachelor. I’m drinking tons (of water.) I’ve set a timer on my phone so that every 45 minutes I’m getting out of the chair and stepping outside for fresh air. I’m listening to on my earbuds, playing music specifically geared to increase concentration. I’ve got one or both of the dogs curled up at my feet. I’ve realized that a good number of the news stories are rehashes and repeats of the days events and are intended to sell toothpaste. don’t need to have minute by minute updates of what’s happening to the economy. I’m taking breaks to clear my head. I’m taking personal calls during work hours because I think it’s important to stay connected to my people. I’m trying to think about the positive things that are happening. These are the steps are helping me with staying sane while working from home.

If possible, talk to your friends about how they are staying sane while working from home. We all have great ideas. Now is the time to pool these ideas and see if your friends, co-workers and peer groups have cheats that are helping them to get through work days without throttling the kids or drinking drain cleaner.


Wil Miller