Apple is changing technology again!! The new iPhone 7 will not feature a head jack. I find that odd, since Apple paid billions of dollars for Dr. Dre’s BEATS headphones.

For those of you who don’t know this, I am a HUGE Apple fan. Mac’s “just work” and why more medical practices and software’s don’t focus more on Apple is beyond me. Granted, there are a few EMR’s out there for Mac users, and more and more devices are starting to work with them.

Apple surprised people by abandoning the headphone jack and opting to connect through other means. This means the device and app makers are going to be working diligently to make sure they have bluetooth connectivity. What worries me, is my opinion of bluetooth is that it is flaky at best. I never found it to be a stable wireless connection. When watch video’s and TV shows on my ipad, I found that the sound was always a tad off, and it annoyed me to the point I hardwired my $300 wireless headphones.

Being in a technology service industry, right now, I can’t help but see the number of support calls rising and rising. Let’s hope I am wrong! Still, being a technology lover, this is a welcome change, and I truly hope it works.


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