Tier3MD is a support group that focuses only on top notch Healthcare IT Support. We are committed to providing medical grade support for your practice. If you are a medical practice, it is important for your to employ top notch healthcare IT support to help with your IT needs. You would be surprised at the difference when you hire an IT support group that completely understands your industry, and your practice. Tier3MD can walk into your practice today, and understand every piece of equipment, and every application you are running. Our vast experience in practices similar to yours, can give you ideas and procedures you won’t be able to find anywhere else. There is a great value in focusing solely on the one industry.

Every industry is different, and the medical industry is no exception. Having a healthcare or medical IT support company makes total sense. At Tier3MD, our entire strategy is based around supporting your mission critical systems. Whether you have 1 doctor, or 50 doctors, we will put into place a healthcare IT support strategy that will give you all the necessary resources at the most affordable price.

At Tier3MD, you have many options for healthcare IT support. We charge a flat rate, so you will know your IT costs. Like you, we don’t like additional bills and surprises. We base our pricing on different variables in your practice. We don’t think “all practices are the same”. Each one has unique challenges, and we want to make sure you don’t get hit with hidden surprises.

If you want top notch Healthcare IT support, contact Tier3MD today!