Each year in December, I write 4 or 5 blogs about finishing one year the best way, and starting the new year the best way. Of course, this is just my opinion! In all my years of owning a managed service provider, I have watched as assisted people in ending their year on a positive note. The nice part it is, it doesn’t always involve spending money!

When I leave work on Friday evening for the weekend I always clean off my desk. I don’t like to come back on Monday to a messy desk. When I travel out of town, I always clean my house. I don’t like to come back to a messy house. The same holds true for ending the year at your practice, and starting the new year. Below are a few tips for starting the new year on a positive note.

  1. Get rid of what bothers you. I know you have small annoyances you could probably do away with. Whether it be a policy in your practice, or something that someone does that bothers you. Time to get rid of it. Let’s not start off the new year with the same annoyances that have been bothering you since 2016.
  2. Clean up your space. Too much furniture in your office? Not enough? Too much old furniture? How about stacks of boxes and files in the corner? Time to get rid of them and start fresh. If you have not looked at them within 90 days, put them away somewhere and get them when you need them. They don’t need to be sitting in your office.
  3. Have that “talk”. There has to be someone in the office you have wanted to speak to, but just either have not had the time,or the courage. Take care of that now. Don’t let it linger into the new year. This is important in starting the new year.
  4. Stop procrastinating. At this time of year, it is very easy to say, “that can wait until after the Holidays.” Don’t do it!! Get it done now and out of the way. Do you really want to come back to everything you said you will take care of after the holidays!
  5. Think about 2019. Think about what you want in the new year. Start to think about your goals and what it takes to achieve them. You want to accomplish something right? So what is it? It won’t hurt to start thinking about 2019 while we are still in 2018.

Starting the new year without clutter, stress and issues you need to resolve, is the best think you can do for yourself and your practice. You know the old Nike saying… Just do It!