Is It Time To Pay More Attention To Your Network? When is it a good time? One of the things I learned over the years about being in the IT support business is that most practices view the IT department as an expense. I guess in a sense it is, however I view it as an insurance policy. What does it cost you to be down? How much does it cost you when your staff is unproductive? A new PC costs anywhere from $700 to $1200. If you $20 per hour employee is down for one day, that is not only $160 that you are paying them but if they are your billers, collectors, providers, how much do you really think that is costing you?

Is It Time To Pay More Attention To Your Network?

Investing money into your network is the best thing you can do for your practice. Sometimes your network goes unnoticed because of a lack of IT knowledge. That’s why at Tier3MD we meet with you on a regular basis to explain what you need an why you need it. Neglecting your network just costs you more in the long run. For example: (and I have seen this many times). A new technology comes out for your specialty and you really want to get it. It’s going to help patients, reduce your costs and even put a little more money in your pocket. You go to implement it and find out that your server is too old so you need to upgrade it first, your workstations don’t support the new technology and all of the sudden it’s affordable for you to get the new technology. You don’t want to be that practice! It’s like maintaining a home. You do things little by little and when it comes time to sell it, you’re ready!

Technology is the hub of your practice. It controls everything. Pay attention to it!