You probably never wondered, but what is the life of a computer tech like? You would be surprised. Most computer techs are satisfied with their jobs. The constant change in technology gives them the challenge they need to stay engaged. The only problem…is the pressure.

Day to Day

The phone rings in the office. The technician picks up the phone “Hello, this is Joe. how can I help you?” “Hi Joe. this is your customer. I logged on this morning just fine, and printed. Thank you so much.” Um…ok, it doesn’t quite happen like that. As a matter of face…it NEVER happens like that. Usually, when a customer calls our helpdesk,. they are either angry, or have some level of frustration. Understood. They are working on a deadline and the computer goes down. No worries. We are here to help.

Normally, when the day starts, all the techs look into the ticket queue and work any tickets assigned to them. They prioritize by issue, date, and urgency. Our customers are very good about understanding that emergencies come first. They would want to come first if they had an emergency so it all works out.

What Else Do Techs Do?

Many other things. They don’t just answer the phone and fix things. They need to keep their knowledge up, so the do a lot of testing, product demo’s, hardware an software installs, maintenance, upgrades, and much, much more. Education is very important in technology because it doesn’t stop after you finish school. We call this “hands on” experience, which in many cases, could be more valuable than some formal educations. Its hard for a University to teach troubleshooting skills that someone with experience can handle in sometimes, a matter of minutes.

Skilled technicians are hard to find. At Tier3MD, we work hard to keep our employees and to create an environment with the least amount of stress. We value our staff and pride ourselves on having employees that have been with us since the day we started, 10 years ago. We are very happy that they have grown with us, an have no become the backbone of our company. The life of a computer tech…is really a good life!