I know I often talk about security, HIPAA, your equipment and your network, so I thought I would talk today about something that could really benefit your practice just as much as Tier3MD does! Marketing! Do you do any marketing for your practice? Normally when you think of marketing you think of thousands of dollars flying out the door. Only Coke and Pepsi and other big corporations can make a difference with marketing. Not true. There are numerous things you can do to market your practice that cost little to nothing. Below are 5 important ways to market your practice.

Important Ways to Market your Practice

  1. ┬áLet’s start with the obvious. The website. As a baby boomer, I am not all that concerned if my physician’s office has a website. I’ve lived in Atlanta for a long time and normally I know the reputation or even the doctor I am going to. I don’t need to be concerned about a website. HOWEVER…the website is the #1 marketing tool for ANY business, and yes, your medical practice is a business. For under $1000, you can get a very professional website with options to blog and post information, and give yourself a whole other level of professionalism. Have a beautiful office? Take pictures and post it on your website. Did you donate to charity? Post it on your website. Welcoming new patients? Let people know!
  2. Social Media. This is an animal that is no going to go away. It never hurts to have a twitter or Facebook page where you can post information about your practice. Things like “Dr. Jones will be speaking at the National OB-GYN Conference this week”, or “Welcome to our new doctor”, or things like that. It never hurts to get your name out there, and that’s exactly what social media does.
  3. Invite people. Go to Costco or Sam’s club and get some soda’s and snacks. Invite other doctors for a morning breakfast. Invite potential patients. Have a vendor or two stop by with a door prize. Invite referral coordinators from other practices.
  4. Get involved with local charities, organizations and even the local chamber of commerce. You want to be out there. You want your practice in the forefront. Besides, good marketing shows you are a strong, stable, professional practice.
  5. Brochures and business cards. Don’t go anywhere without them. Give them to your staff to hand out as well. How about a newsletter? Electronic or paper, whatever is easier. Include useful information and things patients find important. You can easily figure out what to put in the newsletter just by the questions current patients as you. They want to know!

These are just 5 tips for important ways to market your practice. In reality, I could probably list 10 or more. I guess I can save that for another blog!! If you have any questions on marketing, feel free to contact me directly. I happen to enjoy it!