I’m Worried About the Kids and how they are going to manage with not going back to school on a full time regular basis. The role technology plays in children learning and developing is huge, and not every child has access to technology, and believe it or not, the internet. There’s not only the learning part of technology, but the social aspect of it. How do you correspond with kids when you want them to stay in the house, yet keep up with their friends?

I’m Worried About the Kids

As much as we don’t like out kids online playing video games, there are many lessons to be learned while playing. Again, what about the kids that do not have any access to games and computers? I think we take these things for granted because they are a way of life now, but unfortunately, not everyone is able to afford a computer and for them, it would be a luxury. It may be hard to choose between the rent, or a computer for your child.


While the kids are in school, they are interacting with other children and leading valuable lessons. They are learning social skills, problem solving, and being educated. Technology is being lost on the Covid-19 virus. Let’s hope this nightmare ends soon!