We are your IT partner

Tier3MD is your medical partnerTier3MD is your medical IT partner.  We become a part of your practice.  We work not only for you, but with you.  Practices need more than just support when something breaks.  They need guidance on technology that can help them work more efficiently while providing quality patient care.

View Tier3MD as “your IT Department”.  Many practices need an IT department, but don’t necessarily need one full time.  We are your IT department as if we were sitting in your office.  We are always a phone call away.

Here’s how we work.  We come out to your practice and assess everything.  We then come up with a very fair amount that we feel it will cost us to support your practice.  We put you on a monthly retainer, and go from there!  You are not charged for remote service, consulting, or guidance.  If you choose the monthly recurring contract, you will not have to pay for onsite service.  If you have a question, you simply call our helpdesk and we will assist you.  If you need us to attend a meeting, just call and we will schedule it.  We are YOUR IT department.  We will also make technology recommendations for you.