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People often assume that IT people work from home. At Tier3MD, our helpdesk is on-site daily, and our management team is working with them on a regular basis. We feel it is important for the helpdesk staff to collaborate with each other, and not work alone. Everyone needs help once in a while and a team atmosphere is the best way to provide outstanding helpdesk support.

If you notice the orange walls in our virtual tour, you see parts of our helpdesk. The cubes are handmade, and open for talking, hearing, and collaborating. The environment is laid back, friendly, and comfortable. We encourage our helpldesk staff to do whatever it takes for them to be comfortable.

With some companies, the helpdesk staff is the tier1 entry level into technical support. Not at Tier3MD. Our helpdesk is one of the MOST important parts of what we do. The helpdesk is our first level of support, and your first introduction to Tier3MD. I would be safe to say it is pretty vital!

If you noticed the loft in the virtual tour, you are probably wondering what that is for. Very simple…training. We hold regular lunch and learns for both staff and clients. We can’t stress enough how important education is to what we do, and what you do. With the way the healthcare industry changes, and technology changes, you will not find Tier3MD sitting idle. We continue to stay on top of important issues that effect both us, and your practice.

Lastly, you may have noticed a table with glass walls…that is our conference room. Nothing fancy, just a place for us to write on the glass! We have diagrammed the most complicated networks on that glass! It really serves its purpose. We keep the window washer busy!

Thank you for taking an inside look into Tier3MD! We hope you stop by sometime. (yes, we have coffee)