Have you ever considered working with a Managed Service Provider? An MSP can help reduce the cost and complexity of IT services. One IT person, even a very small team, will likely be overworked and burdened by too many responsibilities. This can make a company’s business infrastructure increasingly vulnerable to breakdown, not from technology, but from human error.

Physicians and practice managers are faced with quite the dilemma these days. While a reliable and secure network is a critical component to success, Physicians are also being forced to scale back on costs and overhead as a means of basic survival in today’s economy and healthcare challenges. Having a fully staffed IT department simply isn’t a viable option, nor is it necessary for a majority of both small and large practices. Many practices either have one full-time employee devoted to IT services or none at all. Both scenarios are recipes for disaster in an increasingly complex high-tech society.

Working with a Managed Service Provider can be helpful in many ways. With the break/fix model, there is absolutely no proactive monitoring or management of their network. The only emergency plan for data loss or downtime is to call upon an IT specialist in an emergency 9-1-1 situation.How long will it take them to get to you, and how much will it cost? Could this disaster been avoided with proactive IT services? On average, most IT consultants charge $125-$150 per hour. This doesn’t even factor in trip fees, surcharges, and standard repair costs in the range of $500 to $1000, or the costs of hardware and software upgrades. This method also results in more downtime, lost productivity, lost revenue, and a loss in overall patient and staff satisfaction. Major network repairs require a minimum of 8-24 hours on average and most on-call IT consultants cannot get on site for up to 24-48 hours.

Tier3MD can decrease your overall IT support costs by as much as 30% to 50%. Rather than stressing about technology, Physicians can instead get back to focusing on quality patient healthcare. All while enjoying
the benefit of a team of highly-trained IT experts boosting their network’s reliability and performance. For a free assessment, call us today.




Tier3MD is a medical IT support group that focuses solely on Physician practices.