It’s not a bad idea to up your SEO game. SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the key to being found on the web. It’s an art within itself and it changes constantly. Why have a website if you don’t want to have people find it? There are quite a few factors that go into having people find your website. There are keywords, images, videos, formats, etc. that help increase your SEO. Web browsers like Google and Bing crawl your site constantly looking for new content, keyword, etc and serves it back up in an order that either puts you on the first page of the search engine, or the last.

Up Your SEO Game

Upgrading your website on a regular basis is important to rank higher than some of your competitors. Google loves new content. The age of your domain matters as well. A domain that has been around for 12 years has a better chance of being found than one that has been around for only a year. There are also some things you need on your pages such as links to other sites, images, and various headings. I have been studying SEO for 6 years now and I still don’t have it down pat. Just when you think you have it, the search engine algorithms will change on you and you are back at square one.


There is also adwords. This is where you budget a certain amount to come up first when someone does a search for your most valued keywords. If you are a Dermatologists in Atlanta, you may want “Dermatologist in Atlanta” to be a keyword your pay for. It’s called “Cost Per Click” or CPC. The cost of that click depends on how competitive those keywords are. It could be very expensive.

Have you ever searched on Google and the first 3 or 4 results have the word “Ad” in front of them? These are businesses that are paying to be found. If you can afford it, it’s not a bad way to go. I on the other hand, choose to grow organically.

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