Have you ever googled yourself? Do you have any idea what is out there about you? Every few months, I put my name or business name into the worlds most famous search engine to see what comes up. I am amazed to find that things that I posted many years ago come up on the first page. Thankfully, I never post anything except pictures of the dogs and beautiful scenery!

Have You Googled Yourself?

Is your phone number out there? Do a Google search for your phone number and see what comes up. You would be shocked at what you can find. Your phone number, address, friends, relatives, etc. Be VERY careful about what you post on line as benign as it may seem. Crooks can take advantage of event he slightest information. Posting your information online makes you a prime candidate for identity theft.

What If I See Something Bad?

Well, that is very possible. The problem is that it is extremely difficult for you to get something removed once it is posted online. Have you ever heard of a “reputation management” company?Getting bad reviews removed, inaccurate information removed and better reviews for you are just some of the things they can do to help remove negative Google information.

Nothing is more frustrating then finding negative, inaccurate information online. Try to check it regularly so you can catch it before it goes too far. You may not be able to get it removed right away but you can still manage it better if you catch it sooner rather than later.

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