What are your 2016 IT goals? Do you have any? If not, this would be a great time to sit with your IT vendor, or IT staff, and come up with a good solid plan to keep your infrastructure moving forward. Keep in mind, this does not always mean spending money. It could just mean decommissioning PC’s and servers that are no longer being used, cleaning up your server closet, replacing old applications with new and sometimes free ones, or, if you are inclined…spend money to save money down the road.

Having 2016 IT goals is important to the stability of the practice. You never want your IT infrastructure to become outdated. If you do, it becomes a hole that gets dug deeper and deeper every year by not keeping up with the latest technology. If you don’t keep up, it may become downright un-affordable to ever upgrade your infrastructure. Then what do you do?

Every January I post a blog about your yearly IT goals. I do this because it is important to have them. Sit down with your IT folks and ask them…”what do I need to do this year?” It may be time to consolidate servers by virtualizing or hosting. It may be time to take a deeper look into your HIPAA security. Is your antivirus expiring? Maybe there is something cheaper. How about your communications? What do you pay for internet and phones? If your contract is up, you may get a really good price to resign for another 2 years.

Having 2016 IT goals is important for your practice to thrive throughout the year. Don’t be the practice manager that ignores the IT. Let’s get that feather in your cap!