Today I want to talk about unified communications for your practice. Have you implemented any sort of unified communications? If not, now may be the time. With unified communications, you can streamline all of your communications as one piece of architecture instead of various different platforms. It is a reliable and affordable upgrade to your business practices. We always look at technology upgrades for servers, PC’s, firewalls, etc., but it is a good idea to look at upgrading your communications platform.

Unified Communications for your Practice

What exactly is unified communications? Unified communications will allow you to manage all your communications as one platform rather than as several different components patched together. It integrates computer-related communication technologies like instant messaging and video conferencing with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which allows you to make and receive calls using the internet.  Pretty neat huh?  Just about every piece of communication can be integrated. Including voice communication in all its forms, meaning voicemail, phone calls, voice memos, and the like, as well as multimedia services like video chat and web conferencing. Real-time communication like call screening and call conferencing can also be integrated. Even data services and transactions like eCommerce and online banking can be added to a unified communication system.

So is it right for your practice? Why not!! Anytime you can streamline any type of functionality in your practice helps you be more efficient so you can focus on patient care. Technology shouldn’t be in the way. It’s there to help you. It’s very helpful to have one single point of reference when working with technology. Take advantage of this! You will greatly benefit from it.