HIPAA Compliance


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HIPAA Security Risk Assessments

Tier3MD has created a comprehensive plan to make sure you are in compliance with every HIPAA security rule

HIPAA Services for your Practice

Tier3MD offers an many HIPAA services, including an extensive HIPAA Security Risk Assessment for every type of practice.

HIPAA Policies and Procedures

HIPAA Policies and Procedures are a vital part of your HIPAA compliancy. Tier3MD can help you with this.

HIPAA Training For Your Staff

Is your staff trained? Tier3MD provides HIPAA staff training. When it comes to HIPAA, what you don’t know WILL hurt you!

HIPAA Compliant IT Support

HIPAA should be in the forefront when implementing your systems, along with a solid list of policies and procedures.

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Technology

Tier3MD has several solutions for your practice to become HIPAA compliant before you’re audited. View Tier3MD’s tips


Tier3MD offers PCI compliance assistance (PCI Risk Assessment) to small business and medical practices that handle branded credit cards