Do you have a PC refresh program in your practice? If so, it’s time to refresh. I like to use January as a good refresh point for getting rid of all the old PC’s and putting new ones in. I often hear from clients, “but I don’t need ALL new PC’s. Just some.” I think this is a mistake. Refreshing your PC’s and putting new ones in BEFORE you have a problem, is a good idea. Also the standardization makes it much easier to load new software, maintain, and provide technical support. This way, if you are using a certain EMR, that runs on certain spec’s, you know that all PC’s have the same spec’s and the program will run on all the PC’s.

Years ago, a PC refresh program was affordable. Not anymore. The price of PC’s has come way down, while the specifications have gone way up. You can get a really good PC, with great features, for half the price of 5 years agi.

Purchasing new PC’s is the best way to stay proactive with your network. If you wait until you have a problem, then it’s too late because you have a problem. For this type a proactive, you have to put a price on down time, efficiency and what it costs to maintain that PC.

Tier3MD is now offering Hardware As A Service, or HaaS. If you don’t want to purchase all new PC’s, we can replace them for you! We tack a small amount onto your monthly support bill, and there you go. All new PC’s!

If you are interested in our HaaS program, call us at 855-698-4373, or email us at


It’s time to refresh!