Are you in the cloud yet? Do you have any applications that are not being hosted and maintained in your office? I would be surprised if you said “no”. By now, everyone has some sort of presence in the cloud, whether it be Office 365, Dropbox, or an app used to run your practice. More and more PC’s are becoming gateways to access cloud applications. No one wants the expense of servers in their office, or have to worry about backing up data, and having to maintain various pieces of equipment.

Are You In The Cloud Yet?

If you have not moved anything into the cloud yet, I would be curious as to why. There are some things that just need to be in the cloud…like email. Office 365 is the best thing that has ever happened to email! You can easily get your email from anywhere in the world with the same format you are used to using to access it. Storing documents in One Drive is easy, safe and secure. The nice thing about using cloud applications is that if your PC goes bust, you just have to get a new PC and reconnect all your apps. Easy!

Your EMR

At this point, almost every EMR has the ability to host the application in the cloud. It’s an ongoing cost and it is not the cheapest solution. Still, in many cases, it is the BEST solution. You have to pay for your monthly hosting, and still pay for your support contract. The nice thing is you don’t have to purchase servers every 4-5 years. Keep on mind that if you have more than one location for your practice, you are already using the internet to access the application. That is exactly how you will access the same application if you were in the cloud.

I have posted many articles on the cloud and if you should or should not move to it. I have not wavered in the benefits. The costs are still somewhat high, but in my opinion, I would at least look into it, and try to negotiate it. No reason to completely rule it out. If you need to consult with an IT provider, Tier3MD is happy to discuss your options. You can reach us at 855-687-4373