This week, I have the pleasure of attending Robin Robin’s Boot Camp. I love nothing more than networking and mingling with people who do exactly what I do. Truly, it’s therapeutic. Robin’s Boot Camp offers every opportunity to learn how to improve your business, by improving your customer service. It’s not about selling as much as it is providing a service that is a true value for the money. I enjoy every minute of this.

Hacking at it’s Finest

This morning I attending a “live hacking” event. I knew it would be eye opening, but WOW! It’s amazing what people will do to get to your data. In this particular demo, the demonstrator was a retired NSA employee. He actually put up 2 computers on the big screen. One was the hackers, and one was the victims. We can see the computers side by side and as passwords were being entered on the victims computer, it was all being captured on the hackers computer. They were able to answer my biggest question. How do they get in? I have always wanted to know how they target someone and how they get in. Here’s what happened:

  1. They chose their victim.
  2. They researched their victim. They looked at Linkedin, Twitter, FB, etc. They learned as much as they can.
  3. They visited their website and scoured all the pages. They found out who was the CEO, what jobs were open, etc.
  4. They found where you can submit your resume on line.
  5. They submitted a .docm file. Hmmmm…see where the trouble starts? They targeted the HR Department.
  6. The resume was opened. I could see on the hackers screen that activity was starting to happen.
  7. The narrator told us that sometimes the hackers will sit on the system for weeks or even months and wait for their opportunity. If it takes too long, they may make the computer slow so that you call your IT department and they log in with admin credentials.
  8. Once ready…CRYPTOVIRUS!!

I know that hacking has been around forever. Seeing it is another thing. Tier3MD works VERY hard to make sure your computer is safe. We can block, block, block, but if the user clicks on something they shouldn’t, then you are in trouble. With that said, I am going to continue blogging on education. I think that is the best way to protect your network.


Stay safe!!