Believe it or not, IT expectations need to be managed. Everyone that contacts us has an urgent issue, or they wouldn’t be contacting us. A lot of what Tier3MD spends time on is managing IT expectations.

Managing IT Expectations

When clients sign on with Tier3MD, they are given an SLA agreement. SLA means Service Level Agreement. It pretty much spells out the importance of the situation, and what the expected wait time is for a technician to resolve your issue. Emergencies of course, take priority.

Managing IT expectations also means managing the users expectations. The office manager or physician sign the contract, but the users at the front desk have no idea what the SLA agreement is, or what it says. All they know is that they can’t print and they want it fixed now.

How to Manage Expectations

At Tier3MD, the best way for us to manage the expectations is to provide 3 different avenues to get your message across, and to easily contact us. We provide online ticketing, email ticketing and phone support. We look at every ticket that comes in the queue and we prioritize them. If we see “down system”, it is all hands on deck. Our priority is when users can’t work and the next priority is if one user can’t do their job.

We do our best to accommodate every user. Remember, when people call us, they are already angry and frustrated. We want to make sure we take care of your issue asap to alleviate your frustration. The systems we have in place our excellent for managing IT expectations. The tools we use are built specifically for our industry, and for you, the user on the other end. We will continue to modify and improve our tools and systems so that we can give you the best and fastest resolution to your IT issues. Managing IT expectations is not a bad thing!


Tier3MD is a medical IT support group headquartered in Atlanta, GA