As people are getting vaccinated and more businesses are opening up, employees are moving back in. Time to come back to the office! For the staff at Tier3MD, it is important that we work together to collaborate on the IT issues are clients are having. I will say, they did AWESOME from home but not it is time have them moving back in. Even for myself, I have had 2 offices. One at home and one in the office. I am happy to now be in one location.

Moving Back In

For us, I have eased the staff back in. I find it mentally difficult to go from over a year of working at home to coming back to the office. I admit, it is convenient to work from home. You can sleep an extra half hour to hour, and when you are finished at 5pm, you are already home. No one likes the Atlanta traffic. Truly, I wish all the staff could work from home every day, but a lot is missed when we are not in the office helping each other on a daily basis. Besides, some liked working from home, and some did not. Especially if they have small children!

Thank You To My Staff

My staff has been spectacular! They have done everything I asked. Most of our clients did not close down, since we are medical. My field services team never said “I don’t want to go there”. They came to work every day, wore masks, glove and used hand sanitizer. The came to work and were totally normal. I hope they know how much I appreciate it. I had a skeleton staff of helpdesk in the office and the rest worked remotely. They communicated constantly. They found a way to work. I am so proud to have them on my staff.

As we get back to normal, I want to thank all my clients and staff for enduring this with us. Everyone was supportive, kind and patient. THANK YOU!