Here we are in 2017 and we are still experiencing a healthcare IT shortage. As a healthcare IT professional, I am entrenched in the field, and do quite a bit of hiring. As my MSP (Managed Service Provider) company has grown, I have seen the need for talented healthcare IT people diminish. A lot of the reason there is a healthcare IT shortage is simply the skill set, and the difference between “regular” IT people, and medical IT people.

Healthcare IT Shortage

I have blogged quite a few times on the difference between IT, and medical IT. When I hire, I don’t even look at a resume that does not have medical IT experience in one form or another. With the way the HIPAA laws are, and the rules and regulations we must abide by, it is imperative that I hire staff that is knowledgeable on medical IT, medical practices, and healthcare as a whole.


A lot of healthcare IT professionals have focused more on the software that is available to the medical field. With all of the EMR’s, modalities, diagnostic equipment, etc., the need for software people that can work with HIPAA compliant software has grown by leaps and bounds. Software trainers, developers, and installers are in high demand, which brings to light the healthcare IT shortage.


If you read any IT publications, you will notice that main focus right now for IT professionals is combating cybercrime. As you may know it is running rampant. IT professionals all over the country are focusing on security, which takes away from healthcare specific IT. Of course security if extremely important, but not just to healthcare alone.

Since I have been in the healthcare IT field, I have seen trends go in both directions, up and down. Right now there is an extreme healthcare IT shortage. You would think it would make my company more valuable, but that is not totally the case. Value and experienced employees make my company valuable, and thankfully, I have both of those! Let’s hope we don’t have this healthcare IT shortage for long!