UGH! According to a recent study, each person has a minimum of 4 devices. I myself have 6 devices. A Mac desktop, Mac laptop, ipad, Windows laptop, smartphone, and a home windows PC. What does that mean? That means I need to secure all 6 devices. No easy feat! So…in the medical office, how do they secure all the devices that all the staff uses? Simple answer…as best they can.

If you really want to protect your devices, secure you devices with some type of mobile device management. You will need good antivirus/antispyware, a good firewall, and rock solid policies and procedures. Then…you need employees who understand the policies, and follow the correct procedures. They also need to care about security, and are vigilant in what they do. If you have all of that in place…you have a good chance at decent security.

Most of the data breaches I see on a regular basis, stem from lost or stolen laptops and smartphones. First off, make sure you encrypt the laptops. Second, I would have an MDM (Mobile Device Management) application loaded on the phones and tablets. You want to be able to locate them, and wipe them of data at any time. Third, I would have a good backup plan in place. After that, I would implement solid policies and procedures, train the staff, and start to implement the policies.

I think with a good plan in place, you should be able to secure your devices, and protect yourself against hackers, thieves and data loss.


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