What do you know about Tier3MD? I thought I would share some facts about Tier3MD just in case you didn’t know about us!

Fun Facts

1. We were started in 2005

2. We are medical only. We only focus on, and support the medical industry

3. We are familiar with almost every EMR on the market

4. We do remote managed services

5. We provide HIPAA security risk assessments

6. We are a national company, and still growing

7. We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA

8. We have our own private cloud

9. Our Engineers are certified

10. We want YOU as a customer!

Tier3MD in a Nutshell


Tier3MD has been well recognized in the industry. We are a top 250 CRN recipient, Woman of the Year Nominee, Best Places to Work recipient, HIPAA Certified, Health Information Technology Certified, and more. These are just a few facts about Tier3MD. We are very proud of what we have been able to provide our customers with. We partner with hundreds of practices of all specialties. We understand your business and provide a level of support that gives our clients the best medical IT support they can get.

If you are interested in speaking with one of our representatives, please contact us.