If you really want to protect your IT systems, make yourself very familiar with Microsoft patches and updates. Microsoft is constantly putting out new patches and updates to help protect against viruses and ransomware. The problem with the Microsoft patches and updates is that on some older systems, the newer patches could “break” your software and it makes it hard to automatically push them out without testing.

Various EMR’s

A lot of EMR’s use a web browser to connect to your medical records. When Microsoft patches and updates include an update to Edge or Explorer, this could affect your EMR and how you access it. Some old EMR’s that are not HIPAA compliant, may only work on an old version of your browser making it impossible for you to update your systems and protect yourself. If this is the case, you need to contact that vendor immediately and make sure they update their product. If you are “orphaned” by the vendor, or do not have a support contract, you will need to find a new solution, even if it proves to be expensive. If you have no medical records, you can’t see patients.

Microsoft Patches and Updates

Microsoft patches and updates happen weekly, if not more often. Some will require a reboot of your systems. If you are using a managed service provider like Tier3MD, you will not have to worry about this, as Tier3MD uses tools to help automate this process and push out the Microsoft patches and updates to keep your systems safe. This is a vital part of managed services. Tier3MD also pushes out antivirus, and updates to that as well.

Be Smart

Be smart about your network, not cheap. Cheap turns into expensive very quickly. Think about what down time and loss of records will cost you. Make sure you have all of your Microsoft patches and updates in place, as well as your antivirus. Having this managed cost pennies when you compare it with the loss of data.


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