Review Your Policy And Procedure Manual

It is time to review your policy and procedure manual for HIPAA.  Some practices put the manual together and let it sit.  Don’t do that!!  You need to review it each year, log the date and initial it.  The policy … Read More

Tier3MD Partners With The Medical Association Of Georgia

October 11, 2021  For Immediate Release Tier3MD has been chosen by the Medical Association of Georgia to provide HIPAA Security Risk Assessments for its 8400+ members.  “It is a real honor to be chosen by the Medical Association of Georgia … Read More

Healthcare Using Big Data

Healthcare using big data has totally changed the landscape.  The positive effects of business intelligence (BI) and big data analytics on healthcare management are becoming increasingly apparent — especially when it comes to reducing hospital readmission rates. Take a look … Read More

Game Changing Conversations

Have you ever needed to have a serious conversation with someone on your staff?  If you run a medical practice, the answer is YES!  Being able to be open and honest with your staff is one of the most important … Read More

October Is My Favorite Month!

Of course, I enjoy the heck out of Summer, but October is my favorite month.  Being from Buffalo, NY, I am an avid Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres fan and those teams are in full swing.  I am the Chairman … Read More

Have You Considered Co-Managed IT?

When you consider the investments in your Practice that you can make as a Physician or Practice Manager, you probably think to yourself, “Which investments will give my company the best ROI?” With that in mind, would you think of … Read More

Are You Using Mobile Device Management?

More and more practices are depending on mobile devices to access critical patient information.  Are you using mobile device management, also known as MDM?  If not, you may want to consider calling your IT provider and protecting those devices.  What … Read More

5 Gmail Tips You Will Love!

 September 17th, 2021  Tier3MD Secure  Web & Cloud Below are 5 Gmail tips you will love!  Today, over 1.8 billion people use Gmail, choosing it over other email services for its ease of use and productivity-boosting capabilities. They’ll be surprised to learn … Read More

Tier3MD is Hiring!

Tier3MD is hiring for Field Services in Savannah, GA and we have 2 positions open on our helpdesk at our headquarters in Tucker, GA.  If you would like to apply, please send your resume to Careers and someone will contact you. … Read More

iPhone 13 Review

Let me state this first…I believe in transparency.  I am an Android phone user!  With that said, I still have 2 iPads which I am rarely without.  Just for fun, I thought I would post an iPhone 13 review.  I … Read More