Too Small For Security?

I have spoken to thousands of medical practices in my 16 year career and I find a huge misconception out there.  Small practices think they are too small for security, IT support and NOT TRUE!  A small practice has … Read More

How Is Your Customer Service?

Have you ever thought about your customer service?  How is your customer service?  Yes, patients are customers.  You want to make sure they have a good customer experience.  Especially patients due to the stressfulness of being sick and having to … Read More

Monitoring Your Employees Activities

Are you monitoring your employees activities?  I always view that as a double edged sword.  I once told a practice, “if you want to monitor your employees activities, be prepared to fire them all!”  So, is it a good idea?  … Read More

Getting The IT Support You Need

When you think about getting IT support for your practice, there are a lot of options to choose from and companies providing IT support. But which one is the best for you?  I’m going to lay out the options you … Read More

How Much for IT Services?

With all of the technology out there IT services both remotely and on-site have become more and more inexpensive.  This allows a medical practice to save money while getting top notch IT support.  Because of the remote tools out there, … Read More

Cost of Bad Advice

The Cost Of Bad Advice In addition to downtime and broken systems, there is another cost that most medical practices don’t consider: the cost of bad advice when an inexperienced or unethical consultant recommends a product, service or project that … Read More

Stay Current With Your IT

Stay Current With Your IT Stay current with your IT systems in order to avoid downtime.  Downtime is costly and it shows up almost immediately in your bottom line.  We tend to ignore our IT systems because they are considered … Read More

Should You Upgrade To Windows 11?

Should you upgrade to Windows 11?  Well, you may not have a choice!  If you buy a new PC it could either come with Windows 11 or Windows 10 with a free upgrade to Windows 11.   I always feel that … Read More

Cleaning Tips For Your Computer

Cleaning tips for your computer and mobile devices  December 15th, 2021  Tier3MD Secure  Office Allowing work PCs and mobile devices to accumulate dirt can lead to glitches and hardware failures, both of which can affect productivity. To avoid these issues, you must … Read More

Changes In The HIPAA Privacy Rule

There are some changes in the HIPAA privacy rule that I wanted to make you aware of.  As you know, Tier3MD works on the technical/security side of the HIPAA rules but wanted to just pass this along to you.  Let … Read More