Where You Least Suspect It

Believe it or not, your personal data is stolen from where you least suspect it.  If I asked 100 people if they thought their personal data was out on the web, 95 of them would say, “absolutely not”.  They think … Read More

Why Upgrading Is Important

If your a computer user, and I know you are, you probably have seen technology change on a constant, consistent basis. What you buy today could be outdated in 6 months. It’s been happening for years and will continue to … Read More

Solidify Your Backup Disaster Recovery Plan

While working on your HIPAA compliance for 2019, you want to make sure you solidify your backup disaster recovery plan.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to get this plan in place BEFORE something back happens to your … Read More

Missed the Webinar?

No Problem!  You can view our recorded webinar on VOIP – Why Medical Practices are Saving Money Adopting this Phone Service  by clicking this link.   Take me to the Webinar!

Are Your Passwords Safe?

Are your passwords safe? I know I ask this question quite a bit, but it never hurts to ask it again!   Tier3MD uses the DarkWeb ID to help you keep your credentials safe.  Call us today for a free … Read More

Keeping your iPad Secure

People often overlook security on their mobile devices.  Do you have ePH on your mobile devices?  If so, you will need to make sure those devices are secured.  Keeping your iPad secure is the same as keeping any devices secure.  … Read More

5 Tips to Purchasing a New Computer

  5 Tips to Purchasing a New Computer When you are ready to buy a new computer, one of the first questions you may ask yourself is, “Where can I get the best deal?” Obviously you don’t want to pay … Read More

Are You a Victim of Insider Threats?

Are You a Victim of Insider Threats?  Would you know if you were?  Insider threats could be more of a threat than outside hackers.  There are many ways insiders could hurt your practice.  At Tier3MD, we can now monitor INSIDE … Read More

Cybercrime: In-house protection that only YOU can provide

Cybercrime: In-house protection that only YOU can provideFrom the political world to the corporate, all we hear about is hacking, hacking, hacking. Everyone gets hacked, data is stolen, etc. So, the cry goes up for better security protections for everyone’s … Read More