Here Comes iOS 14!

Just when you started getting used to iOS 13 here comes iOS 14!  This isn’t a big deal for some people but for me, it’s huge.  This effects different software, medical equipment, forensic equipment and more.  Every app out there … Read More

Time To Change Your Settings

If you have Windows 10 (which you should by now), you may be aware of the invasive settings that come with this operating system.  I’m normally not paranoid, but I think you should know that the settings are not exactly … Read More

5 Tips for Safe Remote Working

More and more people are starting to work from home, not just because of Covid-19, but on a regular basis.  With working from home, or other remote locations comes a great responsibility.  The ability to stay safe while online.  If … Read More

Dark Web Sites

Have you ever wondered where the dark web sites are?  Do you wonder why you have never “stumbled” on them?  There is a very good reason for that.  They are not  out in the open.  Dark web sites hide  behind … Read More

Junk Email

Are you tired of junk email?  I decided the other day that I am soooo over it!  If you are anything like me, you get more junk email than you do viable email..  I never thought I would say this … Read More

Growth in Telemedicine

You are probably aware that there has been an enormous growth in telemedicine.  In late March, I had a lot of clients call our office to talk about quickly implementing telemedicine.  It has been great for non-emergency visits and great for … Read More

I’m Worried About the Kids

I’m Worried About the Kids and how they are going to manage with not going back to school on a full time regular basis.  The role technology plays in children learning and developing is huge, and not every child has … Read More

Massive Breaches

This week there were a few massive breaches worth noting.   Dark Web ID Trends: Top Source Hits: ID Theft Forums Top Compromise Type: Domain Top Industry: Manufacturing Top Employee Count: 11 – 50   United States – Netsential  Exploit: Unauthorized Database … Read More

Are You Checking On Your Kids?

Are you checking on your kids and watching them while they are online?  Seems like online is the only way to stay in touch with your family, friends and educators.  Kids are spending an enormous amount of time online.  Are … Read More

Time to Overhaul Your Website?

Is it time to overhaul your website?  Websites have to stay modern just like it’s content.  A website that was designed 10 years ago is most likely different from a website that is designed today.  I had our website done … Read More