In case you have not hear, Allscripts is being sued. They are being sued over the ransomware attack that crippled their clients system for almost a week. Of course, this caused significant business interruptions, and loss of revenue for its clients.

The Physicians and providers were unable to access patients records electronically and prescribe medications. Tier3MD received calls from many clients. The lawsuit claims that Allscripts were aware of the deficiencies in its product and failed to take adequate measures to protect against an attack. Because the attack was the SamSam ransomware, it has been a known threat since 2016 and Allscripts allegedly did not do enough to protect its systems against the hit.


SamSam has not only hit Allscripts, but various hospitals as well. While it may seem like a new attack, SamSam made its first appearance in the healthcare sector in 2016. It’s not a stock ransomware variant but is instead a customized strain used in targeted attacks. What’s interesting about it, is that it does not require a phishing attack. It just looks to exploit unpatched servers. Webservers have to be especially careful since they are internet facing whereas other servers may be behind the firewall.

To protect against SamSam, make sure you have strong passwords. Do not reuse passwords and limit the number of login attempts so you can easily recognize a hacker. Also, protect your servers. Not just desktops and laptops need a good antivirus and antispyware. Sometimes we forget about servers being endpoints because they are hidden away in a locked room or closet.

if you feel your practice may be compromised, or you feel you need additional crypto and ransomware prevention, contact Tier3MD today.





Allscripts is being sued