Private Medical IT Cloud Services

Medical IT cloud services is becoming the gold standard for medical practices critical applications. A few years ago, I started talking to my clients about putting their important data into the cloud and you would have thought I asked for the deed to their house! WHAT? Take my data off site? If I had a quarter for every time I heard the word “control”, I could retire. People would equate having their servers on-site, to controlling their data. Fast forward to today, and most the practices I deal with have no desire to control their data! They don’t even want to hear about it! The want to connect to it, and have it work. And frankly…so do I!

So why the change? Why the trust in the cloud? One word. Education. People have been hearing about the cloud, and learning about the cloud since it was first introduced. It really started to make sense. Even I, and Microsoft Certified Engineer had to really sit down and process this change in technology. Will this work? Could there possibly be medical IT cloud services? It took all of 5 minutes to say “YES!” This is the best idea ever! It just makes sense.

One of the things we used to struggle with most in the field, is finding a safe, secure environment for your server. “Make sure you have a vented door. Make sure you don’t have a sprinkler system in the closet, make sure you have the proper air conditioning and heat, you may want to consider a back up generator, don’t place your coffee cup on the server”, etc. etc. The cloud has an infrastructure that many practices could not afford on their own. Just the physical security alone makes it worth it. It’s a bunker. It’s safe, secured and had triple redundancy. Who can afford that?

Medical IT cloud services are the same as cloud services, except you want to choose a HIPAA compliant data center. You want to make sure the data center had policies, procedures, physical policies, backup procedures, and disaster recovery. Most do. In my opinion, your data is safe with us! Call Tier3MD for medical IT cloud services.