Having trouble with your EMR Support?

You’re not alone. When you switch your practice from paper charts to an EMR, the dependency on that EMR working is magnified 10 times or more. Even the slightest hiccup would interrupt your workflow to a point where you can’t work, or you are working very frustrated.

You have a problem with your EMR. What do you do? You call the support line (which you are paying quite heavily for) only to be told that “someone will call you back”. The frustration mounts and by the time someone gets back to you, you’ve moved on to something else.

How often does this happen? Not very often. Most EMR companies are aware of how important good support is. They really do a good job of helping you reach them and getting your issue resolved. There are phone numbers, email addresses, knowledge bases, and portals. Sometimes this gets clouded by the emergency you have on your hands. Unfortunately, everyone who calls the support line has an emergency. I remember once when I bought a car the GM said to me, “sales will sell you the first car, but service will sell you all the rest.” I will never forget that, and I believe it to be true.

So now you have made the decision that you are not happy with your support. You go online and try to find someone else to support your EMR, only to find out those companies are few and far between. What are your choices? To change EMR’s or live with it.

What you may not know, is that a lot of MSP’s (Managed Service Providers) are very good with various EMR’s. Have you ever called your EMR support only to find out that it is a network issue? Has your EMR vendor ever asked you to call your IT support people? Try calling your MSP FIRST. You would be surprised as how much time this could save you. If they can’t fix it, they can help you open a ticket with a vendor, and help you until the issue is resolved. Your MSP is your IT department. Use them!