Are you at the point where you are reviewing your end of year budget? If so, here are some steps you might want to take.

1. Hardware upgrades – If you have money left in your end of year budget, purchasing new hardware is never a waste. Good, stable, efficient hardware saves downtime. Nothing is more frustrating and disruptive than having to stop what you’re doing because your PC is old and unreliable.
2. Make changes to your technology. Time to go cloud based? Upgrade your current mission critical software?
3. Implement Office365? Email is very valuable to you and your staff. Is it time for an update to your email system?
4. Bring in a HIPAA and cybersecurity specialist. It can’t hurt to give your network the “once over”.
5. Invest in your staff. Training your staff will come back to reward you 10 times over.

End of Year Budget

I love it when it’s time to review my end of year budget. I always feel that this is where the company is rewarded. We have worked hard all year, pinched pennies, put in efficient policies and procedures, and not it’s time to put money back in to our business. What better way to spend your end of year budget than on your practice?


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