Are you concerned with protecting your identity?

I have written numerous articles on identity fraud, protecting your identity, and protecting your ePHI. Still, hackers find different ways to get into your computers, and different ways to steal your information. Antivirus, a firewall and antispyware are NOT enough. You, as the computer operator, have to be educated on some of the traps out there, and you have to be vigilant. Protecting your Identity is a constant effort, and keeping on top of things is the only way you will be able to protect it.

In October, I wrote an article on 10 Steps to Avoid Cryptolocker and Other Ransomeware Viruses. This is something we can add to the list of fraud tactics that are rapidly popping up all over the internet. For years we have been dealing with Malware, Phishing, Trojans, Spoofing and Spyware. Now we can add this to the list. It usually presents itself as a legitimate looking pop up window. Once you click on it, it locks your files and you have to pay to have them unlocked. If you don’t pay right away, the price doubles.

One of the most important ways in protecting your identity, is not even computer related. Dumpster diving. Thieves rummage through trash looking for bills or other items that contain your personal information. Do you pay a bill and throw it out? Do you throw away credit card offers? Think about your trash right now. What is in it? Anything that can help someone steal your identity?

Another way thieves like to steal your identity is what I call the “old fashioned” way. They call you on the phone! What a novel idea. They call you and say they are from “XYZ bank” (most likely the largest bank in your town). Chances are, you bank with this bank. They then begin to ask you all kinds of information. They really do sound legitimate, and scare you into providing all they information they need to steal your identity.

In closing, I just want to say that protecting your identity should be first and foremost, however it does not need to completely consume you. You can freely surf the web and throw garbage away. You just need to be careful. Do your part in protecting your identity. You would hate to be compromised for something you could have easily avoided.