When breached, a practice has to fully understand how the breach happened. One of the easiest, and best ways to do that is to use forensics. Tier3MD has partnered with Discovery Computers and Forensics so medical practices can fully investigate and report on a data breach. Below are 5 reasons you need forensics when working on a data breach in your practice.

5 Reasons You Need Forensics

  1. Surprisingly, it’s required. HHS is no longer accepting your “word”. Practices have too much to lose, so the may hold things back. Or, they just may not fully understand what they need to do to report the breach. Using forensics is an excellent way to back up what you are reporting. If you don’t use forensics, you may be opening your self up to being destroyed in a court of law.
  2. Cost savings – When investigating a breach, start with forensics. It may end up saving you time and money. Using forensics can back up a claim that “it was a false alarm” and there actually was not a breach. It gives you the proof you need.
  3. Can help you in court – whenever you have a breach, you need to just assume it can go to court. You need to think the worst, even if it never ends up in a court room. With the mentality that you are a prime target for litigation, you can go through a thorough investigation and get all your ducks in a row. With forensics, you could this much easier than if you just do your “due diligence” on your own.
  4. Your reputation – Knowing accurate figures can help you notify patients. You certainly don’t want to notify patients that are unaffected by the breach. You want to make sure you keep your credibility and good reputation with your patients. Having accurate numbers, and totally understanding the breach can help you with this.
  5. Your public response – Forensics have become a part of the public response. With forensics, you can fully explain how the breach happened, and assure the patients it will not happen again.

For the value and credibility of what you are getting, forensics is actually cheap. If you have a breach, you really want to use forensics. You want to be able to know that it will not happen again, and that you are securing your practice for the future.

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