Is your practice to the point where you need Telehealth? I am finding that a lot of Tier3MD customers that have been thinking about Telehealth are starting to implement it. When you think about what is going on, this should be the way most practices see non-essential patients. Follow ups, follow ups for meds, etc. It will help keep the elderly patients at home and make up for lost revenue if they cancel their appointments. Have you ever considered Telehealth? Now just may be the time.

Need Telehealth?

I have not tested or vetted these, but I have heard from my clients that Doxy.Me is a good one, and so is Exammed. They are totally web based and very easy to set up. I have an ENT group on the South side of Atlanta that was up and running in a day. I don’t know much about the insurance or billing portion but I’m sure the billers in your office can shed some light.

As we all go through this virus, Tier3MD wants to help in any way we can. Please feel free to call on us for any solutions you want to implement in your practice. We are there to help.