Below are 10 reasons to outsource your IT with Tier3MD

Up until a few years ago, practices still had inhouse IT support. When people started to realize the cost savings, everything changed. It was easy for me to come up with 10 reasons to outsource your IT with Tier3md.

  1. Substantial cost savings.
  2. More staff, including Tier 3 helpdesk.
  3. No need to outsource for special projects – we have it covered. A lot of IT departments will outsource for whatever level of knowledge the current IT staff does not have. With our vast knowledge and high level of Engineers…we have you covered!
  4. Contract negotiations. As an in-house IT department would do…we can negotiate your contracts for you.
  5. New technology – we keep up with all the new technology so that we can present money saving technology and innovative ideas to our customers.
  6. We help the staff use the technology the practice has purchased. We visit with the staff and get familiar with how they work so that we can automate tasks for them.
  7. Software selection – we help our clients select software that is good for their specialty. We negotiate what the salesperson is trying to sell them. Since the salesperson does not know what systems they already have in place, we have saved our customers thousands of dollars by eliminating unnecessary purchases.
  8. Assisting with EMR systems – our extensive knowledge and project management skills can help make this a smooth transition.
  9. Remote desktop/server support for faster response and proactive maintenance
  10.  We provide antivirus, antispyware and patch management