I just bought a new computer. I had the oldest hunk of junk around. I just hated to buy one because I didn’t want to reload my programs, files, settings, etc. It has nothing to do with the money, although I am very price conscientious. It was that buying a new computer meant work. I don’t want to work when I am at home.

Installing a New Computer

So, I get my shiny new computer home (I used to get excited about this, but no more) and I reluctantly take it out of the box. Of course there was dust everywhere. Now I had to not only install a new computer, I had to clean. Boy oh boy… Anyway, I disconnected wires, replaced the battery backups, connected my 2 monitors and began the process of “reloading”.


As I sent through the “checklist” for reloading, I realized that I was prolonging this agony for absolutely NO reason! Most of what I use is web based, and I can probably say the same for you! My email is web based, my files are web based, my compliance program, my ticketing system, my network monitoring systems, etc. Everything is web based! I didn’t have to reload a thing!! Seriously, don’t ask me what I was thinking! My wireless network popped up, I connected right away and it was smooth sailing from there.

As silly as it sounds, I dreaded this job because I didn’t want to bother with recreating my computer the way it was. For someone who is the CEO of an IT company, it sounds pretty funny! I have been working with computers for over 30 years, and the “hobby” part of it is gone :( Computers are for work now. Remember when they were a luxury?

So if you are thinking of getting a new computer, just do it. It really is easy!!