All my computer life I have wanted to learn coding. I fell in love with it way back in the 90’s and first learned HTML using Notepad (yes, I am dating myself). Fast forward to 2017 and to learn coding is still as fascinating as it was in the 90’s. There are just more platforms to learn.

Learn Coding

Right now, I am interested in learning to develop iOS and Android apps so I have been doing a little research. I found a website called What a fantastic site! It gives you many ways to learn coding, both free and private tuition, and narrows it down to your area. The problem I had is which code do I want!! There are so many choices.


Over the years, the number of women who are interested in coding went from 2,600 (5 years ago) to over 29,000. It is so good to see women taking an interest in computer science. Last year, I was on a Microsoft panel and their annual Codess conference, which focused on women and coding. The amount of young women that attended was unbelievable. The questions they asked were precise, educated and encouraging. I loved every minute of it.

If you ever wanted to learn coding, the resources are out there. You just have to go for it! The power of writing your own website, application, software, etc. is extremely exciting. It really is a lot of fun. Take a stab at it!

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