I really think I have Healthcare fatigue. Is that really a diagnosis? I may have to give it an ICD10 code! This is just a fun article. I hope you enjoy it!

Why I have Healthcare Fatigue

We are constantly bombarded with information on healthcare from all angles. Whether it be the healthcare insurance we personally carry, the repealing of Obamacare, the new healthcare bill, the ransomware attacks, meaningful use incentives, and of course HIPAA. Blah! I am exhausted. I have said this 1000 times. Healthcare is a completely different animal. This is why Tier3MD only supports healthcare. In the past, I found it almost impossible to deviate from healthcare because of the amount of time it consumed as part of my daily IT support. If you don’t know healthcare, you shouldn’t be supporting it.

How to Bounce Back

My new diagnosis of healthcare fatigue is going to need a treatment plan. If I was a Doctor, the first thing I would prescribe is balance. Sometimes you just have to turn off the TV, or not read that article. You need to step away from the day to day talk about healthcare. It is almost overwhelming. Like everything in our life, we need a good mix of balance, including rest, relaxation, and a good vacation! If you really want to avoid healthcare fatigue, take a great vacation!

In reality, I love healthcare. I love the way it changes, I love the technology, and I love working with medical professionals. Not being a practitioner, working in the IT field give me a way to help patients. Tier3MD helps them by providing a stable environment for practitioners to practice medicine. We help by working with technology to make records better, for a better diagnosis. We are so fortunate to support the medical community.

If you feel you have healthcare fatigue, take a step back, and focus on what really matters. You can love healthcare, and not let it consume you!