Surveys are extremely important in the service business. Every time Tier3MD closes a tickets, client will receive a survey to fill out. It’s very simple. Just a few key questions that let me, the owner of Tier3MD know how well my staff it doing. It also helps me focus on areas we need help so I can improve on that.

When i fly, Delta sends me a survey. I always make sure I fill it out because I realize how important it is. The 2 minutes it takes me to fill out a survey is extremely valuable to whoever I am filling it out for. I know this because it is valuable for me.


The surveys at Tier3MD come to me and my management team. I read EACH AND EVERY ONE of the. If it is a good survey, I ring a little bell, which annoys the heck out of my employees, but I know deep down inside they love it! When I come out of my office ringing the bell, they all look at me with an excited look just waiting to hear who it is for!

I guess the moral of my story is that if that if you get a survey, fill it out! Surveys help so much. And be HONEST. If you get bad service, say it. If you get great service, say that too! It helps!