How is Your EMR? I am going to guess you have been using an electronic medical record for at least 12 months. How do you like it so far? Is it working for you? Do you like using it? Is it convenient? Is it all the things the salesperson told you it could be? One Doctor said to me, “I hate it but don’t you dare take it away from me.”

How is Your EMR?

I have been in this business since 2005. I have been a part of almost all of my clients moving away from paper charts to their chosen EMR. I have seen demo after demo, failed EMR after failed EMR, and I have also seen physicians and staff who fought it, start to love it. Tier3MD has assisted with transitions to eCW, Allscripts, NextGen, etc. We do not prefer one over the other, it just depends on what is good for your practice. So…my question is…how is your EMR? Has it:

  • Increased revenue?
  • Slowed you down?
  • Reduce the number of patients you could see in one day?
  • Increase your access to medical records?
  • Allow you to chart from home?

These are just few of the items that were heavily discussed when converting to an EMR. I would love to hear from you. Since we have been a part of this transition from the beginning, I would love to hear from someone who:

  • Hated the EMR and now likes it
  • Likes it and now hates it
  • Wants to go back to paper charts and why
  • Has increased more revenue