Healthcare IT is more than HIPAA. Much more than HIPAA. IT itself was around long before HIPAA. It seems that right now, I notice practices equating IT with HIPAA and thinking that being HIPAA compliant means you have a safe, secure network. Well, in some ways, it does. If you are HIPAA compliant, you have “your ducks in a row.” You have processes in place, procedures in place, locked doors, tight security, firewalls that are tested, backup and recovery solutions and employee training. But what about the future of the network? Healthcare It is more than HIPAA. It is using technology to enhance the way physicians see patients, and using technology to grow as a practice.

Being HIPAA compliant is not status-quo. Being HIPAA compliant is just that…HIPAA compliant. Being HIPAA compliant does not advance your network to an EMR, or mobile device management, or automating certain things you do in your office. There is quite a bit of technology out there that can help with many things in your office, such as tasks, calendars, organization, call schedules, etc. At Tier3MD, we are constantly looking at new technology for your practice. Like anything, technology changes on a constant basis. We need to keep up with it for you, the practice. We want to make sure we help you with your technology needs so you can focus on providing quality patient care.

How do you know what you need?

It’s really very simple. Take a look at what you do on a daily basis. Is anything manual or redundant? Do you keep spreadsheets? Is there anything you say to yourself “I wish this was automated”. or “there has to be a better way for this.” If that is the case, talk to your IT provider, I’m willing to bet that they can find some sort of technology to help you. Remember, Healthcare IT is more than HIPAA.