As the high temperatures approach, it is extremely important to keep your equipment cool and at a temperature that maintains the same degrees all day long. By equipment, I am talking about your PC’s, laptops, servers, hubs, switches, routers and printers. I have seen many instances where the servers have overheated, bringing down the entire practice. The damage is extremely costly, and the downtime cost even more.

Keep Your Equipment Cool

If you have a server room or closet that you use for your phones, internet and servers you want to make sure it receives and adequate amount of airflow from the AC and centralized air systems. The room should have its own dedicated intake and return vends, and a vent on the door. You want to make sure you server room is for just your network equipment and not boxes of marketing materials, books or other items that should be in a storage closet. This will heat it up real fast.

You also want to be aware of the lights you are using and are they on all day? You may want to limit the amount of time lights are on in your server room. Are there windows in your server room? If so, you may want to put shades on the window. Having the blazing sun shining in all day long could raise the temperature in the room significantly.

Maintaining a stable temperature and humidity with tight tolerances is critical to running your IT systems reliably.

For more information on ways to keep our server room cool, contact us at Tier3MD.