Philanthropy is more than just giving for Sheryl Cherico.

For Sheryl Cherico, a respected leader in the health care industry, giving is second nature. As CEO and co-founder of Tier3MD, a leading IT support company solely servicing medical practices, Cherico already has quite a résumé. However, she continues to work tirelessly toward a cause that is close to her: breast cancer. As a survivor, Cherico had to undergo numerous surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy, and knows exactly what current patients are going through—she’s even a partner with Rebecca Walden Wig Studio, which services wigs for chemotherapy patients. She is currently the chairman of the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating breast cancer through funding and legislation. “We’re advocacy; we’re education; and we’re helping patients,” says Cherico. The GBCC has assisted women and men with breast cancer since its establishment and recently gave a grant to DeKalb Medical to cover transportation for radiation patients. Many grants only supply funds for the mammograms, but the organization has made an effort to support patients from beginning to end. Cherico, who looks forward to GBCC’s signature wine event, The Pink Cork, every year, insists giving is a necessity: “You almost have to give back because you go through so much, and you have so much knowledge and positivity to share, that it’s a shame if you keep it to yourself.”