How often do you need unscheduled weekend IT support? If you do need it, how do you get it? Is your IT company willing to provide it for you? Do they charge you for it? Is it part of your contract?


At Tier3MD, we understand that Doctors are busy during the day and like to catch up on charting during the weekends. We’ve all taken work home right? So what happens when they cannot log into their EMR, or they cannot connect to the office? At Tier3MD, we provide an avenue for you to get technical support during the “off” hours. For some contractual customers, there is no charge, for others, there may be a small charge. Still, having the ability to get a hold of someone at 10:00am on Sunday when you need to get some work done, is extremely important.

How We Handle Your Request

We have a LIVE 24/7 answering service that can take your emergency call. They will then open a ticket, and page our technicians. Once they get a hold of the technician, they will contact the customer and quickly diagnosis the problem. The will either try to fix it remotely, open a ticket with your vendor, or arrange for someone to meet them on site. I can tell you that weekend IT support does not happen often, but if it does, we want to let you know that we are prepared to help you.