What are your Healthcare IT needs?



  • Do you have sufficient networking and bandwidth?
  • Does your IT provider understand the specialized wireless needs of medical facilities in order to maintain HIPAA compliance?
  • Are you utilizing online collaboration technologies?
  • Have you collaborated with your Healthcare IT vendor to implement the right solutions?
  • Do you have a user friendly EMR software
  • Is your EMR software working for your practice?
  • Can you reach your medical records remotely?
  • Is your patient data secure?
  • Has anyone hacked your system, or tried to hack your system?
  • Have you eliminated security risks?
  • Are you HIPAA Compliant? (Can you make the transition to ICD-10?)
  • Is your Healthcare IT provider proactively ensuring system uptime 24 x7?
  • Is your Healthcare IT provider providing user support 24 x7?

Having an IT support group is more important than you may realize. Sure, we can fix computers anywhere. We feel it’s important to just stick with the medical. We need our focus to say on the medical industry so we can provide the impact we want with our smaller and even larger clients. Our value is in medical, and our extensive knowledge of the industry. Stick with what you know!

These are just a few things I can think of when it comes to meeting your Healthcare IT needs. Tier3MD makes sure all of these bullet points are met. We are your PARTNER, not just a vendor.


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