At some point, you practice may want to consider budgeting for new PC’s. I am finding that more and more, practices wait until the PC’s dies, and have it replaced. There’s nothing wrong with this if: 1. You have a spare, or 2. You don’t mind your employee having down time. Let’s face it…a PC dying means someone is unable to work. It becomes and emergency for your IT people, your practice, and for youl

Budgeting for New PC’s

The best way to start budgeting for new PC’s is to speak with your IT department, and start to collect the dates your PC’s were installed. This will give you a good indication of when they should be replaced. We suggest a 3 year refresh program however we understand that in some instances it can be pushed to 4 years. I wouldn’t go much past 4 years. Budgeting for new PC’s should be a part of your annual budget, along with other IT items such as software licenses and support, your internet connection, phones, etc. You really should have an IT budget. This will also help prepare you for IT expenditures, especially urgent ones.

Upgrading PC’s

PC’s can always be upgraded, but keep in mind that you are putting money into something that is still not going to last. Sure, memory will speed things up a little, but processor speed and hard drive size will stay the same. Be selective when you upgrade PC’s. You want to make sure you don’t put money into parts and labor when in 6 months you need to buy a new one anyway. It may just be better to bite the bullet and go ahead and get a new one. At Tier3MD, there is financing available if you need to upgrade more than 3 PC’s.

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